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Growing a Culture of Learning (Part 8 of 10) - Planting Intentionality

In Robert Thaler’s (2008) nudge theory, he tells us that we can organize context for learner decision making and that small details impact behavior.

As teachers, how can we be intentional so that our learners become intentional? If we look at nudge theory and know that context is the setting, how do we set things up (intentionally) so that our culture is learner-centered?

Real-world contexts provide learners authentic challenges to connect with and learn from. Taking our academic standards and creating those contexts takes effort. Pathful connect, hosting live virtual industry chats and Newsela, offering current events for kids, are examples of resources to connect to real-world context.

As the teacher, being intentional means that you are consciously working on each element of the culture of learning, taking small steps to make big changes in your classroom to deepen your learner-centered culture.

In the past month, how have you intentionally encouraged the formation of new habits with your learners related to one of the 7 elements of a learning culture? Let us know.