Kathy S Dyer

I am a freelance writer and design strategist. My passion is seeing lightbulbs come on as people make new connections through learning and doing.

Growing a Culture of Learning (Part 10 of 10) - The care & feeding of your culture of learning

Peter Senge (2006) said, “When teams are truly learning, not only are they producing extraordinary results, but the individual members are growing more rapidly than could have occurred otherwise.” That’s what happens when a culture of learning is growing! To truly grow this culture you must commit, virtually or in person. At the end of each week, check in with yourself: • What worked well this week and why? • What was challenging and why? • What might happen next week if …?

Advertorial: Learning Together = Greater Gains

This article has been written by Edmentum which offers education technology that teachers can trust. Edmentum boasts over 60 years of experience in K12 digital education solutions and supports educators globally in delivering world-class pedagogy to drive students’ academic growth. Educators need a well-planned professional learning programme that supports them in developing their skills, in order to help their students on their own journey to success. The move from discussing professional dev

Supporting English Language Learners and Preparing for PISA 2025

In 2025 PISA is offering an optional foreign language assessment for the first time. Around the world, countries have similar and differing reasons for foreign language learning. As you think about why your school or government supports foreign language learning, does it appear on this list? What would you add? In 2025 PISA is offering an optional foreign language assessment for the first time. Geared to provide educators and policymakers students’ foreign language competence and insights into
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